Questions that I ask myself constantly: What can I do to make the home buying/selling experience better for those needing to buy and sell? What tools are needed that can be readily available for buyers and sellers to use and how “updated” are they? What types of information should I be putting out there that people actually find useful? Am I doing a great enough job that when people in the Quad Cities ask one of their friends or co-workers, “do you know of any great REALTORS®,” that “duh, Ryan VanDaele” is like an involuntary reflex! Am I providing value to the maximum amount of people that I can?
As a business person, I hope that all professionals are concerned with the consumer experience! In the world of real estate, looking at peoples posts sometimes, it looks like we work in a very cutthroat industry. In many ways we do. In the Quad Cities alone there are over 900 agents out there! That means that there are people out there engaging in the business of real estate 900 different ways!? Yes, each brokerage and business owner may have their own company standards, but in reality each REALTOR® is responsible for what they do for their clients. That means you could be paying the same amount of money (or more) for a person that offers less service with only a name behind them that gives the perception of value that may or may not be there, because the service all falls into the hands of the agent!
I’m interested in consumer input…What can I do better? What can WE do better as an industry? What services and tools would you like to see available?
I’ve been involved in KW Labs, testing out consumer tools and services as well as agent tools and services that are rolling out starting 1st quarter of 2019, and I have to say, half the time I have to pull my jaw off the ground witnessing the types of technologies that have been engineered around the consumer experience and I am beyond excited! At the same time, our company is ALWAYS interested in ways we could be bettering the consumer experience and EVERY thought and idea is heard! If it’s an idea that benefits our agents and consumers, they will create it, lab it, perfect it and put it out there to use. I am fortunate to work for a company that values agents and the consumers we serve just as much as I do!
If you have any ideas you’d like to see happen, have any suggestions for services I could provide or improve on, or simply want to shout out a hello…please comment to this blog, send me a text (or call) to 563.271.6684 or shoot me an email at
Happy holidays,