Davenport State of the City Address

Davenport State of the City:

On February 25, 2019 Mayor Frank Klipsch gave what is most likely his final Davenport State of the City Address at Rhythm City Casino. The goals of 2019 are public safety, fiscal vitality, welcoming neighborhoods, sustainable infrastructure, and a vibrant region; to include Main Street Landing and long term community funding for Figge and Putnam.  Mayor Klipsch celebrated the long awaiting open of the Veterans Memorial Parkway that allows drivers to conveniently travel from Brady street all the way east to Bettendorf’s side of Middle Road. He also celebrated the City’s advancement to a S&P Global AA financial Position (It was Moody’s Aa3).

Juvenile Crime

One of the major topics Mayor Klipsch spoke on was the stance to tackle juvenile crime in the area, with one idea being an assessment center. The City of Davenport is not only working closing with the police department, but also within the schools. They understand that not every child needs incarceration, but they need the tools to create change within their lives.

So far this year, 4 officers have been sworn in. The city is also getting a new technology system called NIBIN. NIBIN helps to solve crimes within the department, rather than sending out the evidence and having to wait long periods of time.

Exciting Growth

Another amazing creation coming to Davenport is Gabe’s Play Village which will be located in Davenport’s heart of Vanderveer Park. This playground will give children will disabilities the opportunity to play at the park independently! Many fundraisers have been going on around the area to help with costs. The Bend of the River Quad-Cities Pilot Club is sponsoring a Trivia Night on March 30th. Proceeds will benefit Gabe’s All-Inclusive Play Village.

We strongly encourage everyone to get involved with their townships and their surrounding townships. This State of the City Address helped put into perspective the changes that are happening in Davenport that will influence the Quad Cities.

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